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Facilitating accurate and timely detection of
Diabetic Neuropathy in your patients

Facilitating accurate and timely detection of Diabetic Neuropathy in your patients

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is among the top ten diseases that pose heavy burden on patients and clinicians.1

85% of amputation cases due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy can be avoided with earlier detection.2
Optimally managing diabetic foot disease has been a challenge to clinicians for many years, due to its complex multifactorial aetiology and lack of adequate tools to study the underlying pathology.1
  • Newly acquired and subtle early stages of ulceration can be easily missed during visual assessment3
  • Malformed toenails, deep rhagades, folded amputation scars, and fresh epithelialization are examples for false positive detections that require manual correction, which can be time consuming when documenting DPN3
  • Very small, very large and curved ulcers are problematic for monofilaments3

Ayati’s advanced and robust diagnostic devices help in screening and early detection of diabetic neuropathy.

The Ayati Difference

Considering all these challenges, we have developed products that will help in accurate and efficient screening and detection of peripheral neuropathy in patients with diabetes.

Our Products

Vibrasense is a handheld, portable device that is based on true sinusoidal technology. It screens foot ulcerations by allowing control of vibration perception threshold.

The Neuropathic Measurement Unit (NEUMU) is a peripheral neuropathic screener that determines pressure, vibration, and temperature perception in patients with diabetics.

Our Impact

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2) Data on file
3) Yap M, Hachiuma R, Alavi A et al. Deep learning in diabetic foot ulcers detection: A comprehensive evaluation. Comput Biol Med. 2021;135:104596. doi:10.1016/j.compbiomed.2021.104596

Q. Which screening tools are used to detect diabetic peripheral neuropathy?
A. Some of the common testing methods for diabetic peripheral neuropathy include tuning fork, monofilament, and biothesiometer.

Q. What is a biothesiometer test?
A. Biothesiometer test is a non-invasive form of medical test that quantifies perception thresholds of a patient with diabetes.

Q. What are the products Ayati Devices offer?
A. Ayati Devices have developed Vibrasense, Vibrasense Lite, and NEUMU all of which address neuropathic complications due to diabetes.

Q. What is Vibrasense?
A. Vibrasense is an advanced version of regular biothesiometers. It is portable and can be operated with batteries. It has true sinusoidal technology that helps in quantifying perception thresholds through controlled vibrations.

Q. How will vibration perception controls help in testing DPN?
A. As you will be able to control vibration parameters with Vibrasense, the biothesiometer will provide more accurate reports depending on how a patient responds to vibration thresholds.