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Diabetes can have severe repercussions, if left unchecked.

At Ayati Devices, we are driven by our passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology to introduce groundbreaking diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to the healthcare market. Our mission is to address significant healthcare challenges and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.

We are committed to translating scientific research into practical, market-ready products, with a particular emphasis on tackling the pressing issues surrounding diabetes and its associated foot complications.


Our mission is to bring technological advances in the healthcare and address its challenges. Currently, there is a lack in accurate and early detection of peripheral nerve damages.

We, at Ayati Devices, are addressing this challenge and are committed to understanding the repercussions of uncontrolled diabetes and helping improve the lives of people with diabetes.

Vibrasense is easy to handle. You can keep in your pocket and walk around with tension free you can quickly screen any patient anytime with no tension. It makes my foot examination and screening very easy and fast. i will encourage all Diabetologist to have one. I am sure everyone will have good feedback 👍

Dr Lalruatpui

Diabetologist, Mizoram

Vibrasense is Excellent tool for Early & Accurate Measurement of Diabetic Neuropathy and great helpful to preventing Foot ulcers in Diabetic patients.

Dr R S Yadav

Consultant Cardiologist & Diabetologist, Allahabad UP